Rebel Scum

Adventure XI

Black Sons

The great Sammo the Hutt swings a deal that sends the Rebel Scum to Nar Shaddaa to work for him in exchange for the Black Sun’s assistance to the Alliance. The massive Hutt gives them two jobs: Deliver a datafile to an undercover contact named Clive Argeth (working for the rival crime syndicate the Rancor Taints), and track down an Ithorian client by the name of Tumtum Watlow who’s been skipping out on payments.

Some detective work leads the party to Watlow’s former residence where they meet his kid Lumlum, who lets them inside and gives them the heartbreaking lowdown. From there they meet his stripper wife Linda at the Hutty Professor; she tells them where Watlow frequents these days, adding that she doesn’t give a damn if they end up killing his hammerhead ass. So the Rebels find Watlow drinking at the Gran Ole Time, and corner him outside in an alley.

The poor sap agrees to comply with the Rebels, and they concoct a plan to infiltrate the Rancor Taints and salami slice their accounts to generate enough money for Watlow to pay back Sammo the Hutt.

By proving themselves with mad skillz, the Rebels have no problem gaining an audience with Plij Buhjeebus, leader of the Rancor Taints. But to be initiated into the gang, they must successfully touch the taint of his pet Rancor, which Lon can tell is definitely Force sensitive, by the way. Only Peter has trouble with this, but he escapes the taint alive.

Once initiated they explore the Rancor Taint compound, as Bel’Ding averts the attention of Mox, the Taint’s Underlord, conning him into spending time writing out the Tenants of the gang, because some of the rules seem arbitrary, like where it’s okay/not okay to defecate on the floor. Meanwhile, Peter and Tumtum hack into the Rancor Taint’s bank accounts, setting up their salami slicing scheme.

Eventually they find Clive Argeth among the Taints. And upon giving him the data, he thanks them and says that the Empire will reward them greatly, which everyone finds disturbing. But there’s not much they can do because if they fail Sammo the Hutt, they fail the Alliance.



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