Rebel Scum

Adventure XIII

Sith Tomb Raiders

Adventure XIII Crawl

While fighting a group of TIEs in Dantooine space after the Imperials tracked them down, the Rebels are saved by Lambert Christophson who sends them coordinates for a hyperspace escape. Unfortunately, Lambert has led them to Korriban, the ancient world of the Sith. And he wants Lon to delve into the depths of a Sith tomb, partly to continue his training, and partly to retrieve some lost Jedi artifacts that the Sith Lord Neth buried in his tomb.

Lon and Bel’Ding immediately fall into a hole, and ward off the restless corpse of a Mon Calimari. Further down the hole they find some ancient Sith gold, and some trinkets, and have another run-in with an awakened Sith revenant.

Upstairs they enter a chamber with three statues and three doors. Behind them, the spirit of a long dead Mon Calamari Jedi beckons them and vaguely explains the situation. He was part of an expedition sent to destroy the tomb, but his companions were all turned to the dark side. Behind each door is a piece of Lord Neth’s past, a Force dreamworld, which can be reached by touching a dark crystal. The Jedi says to turn back; it is all part of Neth’s wicked trial. “You can play the Dark Lord’s game, and prove yourself a worthy vessel, but that will only lead to failure,” he says.

The Rebel Scum figure they’ve gone this far, so they might as well keep going. The first crystal transports them to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Lord Neth is just a boy named Jenk with anger management issues. First the Rebels try to persuade the kid to stay true to Jedi ideals, but then realize that to prove themselves worthy to a Sith Lord, they must urge Jenk to succumb to his passions. That night, he sets fire to the Jedi library.

(Completed in two sessions)



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