Rebel Scum

Adventure XIV

CSI Hoth

Someone has died on Echo Base! The body of Yig Munsen, an Ortolan engineer is found on a causeway where was doing some repairs. He looks to have been ravaged by a Wampa, and Derlin says it’s already the second attack. The other guy, who was attacked last week and clearly saw his assailant, is still in the ICU healing from his wounds. In addition to the attacks, two other people have gone missing: Goric Barge, an Alderaanian refugee, and Tyren Tannon a Tatooinian. So now it’s up to the Rebel Scum to find those Wampas and put an end to the madness.

The Rebels track down a Wampa beneath the bowels of Echo Base. But when Tandy Starbender goes missing simultaneously, things begin to unravel. Crumpled up love letters from a spurned Tyren Tannon are found in her room, and it’s discovered that she was romantically involved with Goric Barge. With Peter Vandervoodle’s brand spanking new lifeform detector, CSI Hoth locates the victim in a cave an hour away from base. And to their horror, Tyren Tannon is found eating Tandy alive, as Goric’s bones lay in the corner. He’s apparently gone stir-crazy in the dreary coldness of Hoth. He’s eventually brought down, but it requires a valiant use of the Force by Lon to bring Tandy back from the brink of death. Another case filed away by the Rebel Scum.



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