Rebel Scum

Adventure XV

My Wookiee Is A Sith Lord

In their search to rid Lon of his Dark Side taint, Luke Skywalker directs the Rebel Scum to Tatooine, to perhaps find some information in Ben Kenobi’s abandoned hut. But waiting for Skywalker at the hut is an Imperial Inquisitor wearing a Tusken Raider mask. He seems to know Lambert Christophson and tells Lon that his fighting technique is not Teras Kasi, but rather Echani, the style of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. After a tough battle, Lon gives in to his anger and kills the defenseless Inquisitor, thus turning over to the Dark Side.

Unfortunately the hut was ransacked by Jawas a long while before. So the Rebels make it their mission to convince the local Jawa tribe to give them the Old Wizard’s trinkets. In return, the Jawa chief insists they rid his tribe of a Tusken Raider menace. The Tuskens, on the other hand, say that they’ll gladly return to their territory if the Rebels drive away Jabba the Hutt’s men, who have taken over the Great Pit of Carkoon, the Tusken’s deity.

After botching a rescue of a prisoner who was about to be sacrificed at the Pit, the Rebels defeat a group of Gamorreans and Weequays, and take their skiff back to Jabba’s Palace. There they strike a deal with Jabba’s PR man to allow the Sand People to worship at the Pit, which as they put it, would give the whole spectacle a rustic authenticity. In return, ten Tuskens must work for Jabba as desert navigators. Everybody wins.

In the end, the Rebels obtain a few of Kenobi’s old books and a holocron. The most relevant book being a thesis written by Kenobi himself entitled “The Thin Gray Line: A Treatise on Light Vs. Dark in the Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”, a sort of rambling, madman exploration into what it means to turn to the Dark Side, something he obviously wrestled with over the years. The most relevant passage reveals that, in the old days, in order to begin purging oneself of darkness a willing dude would enter a special dark chamber at the Jedi Temple to meditate hardcore and confront inner demons. Or there was the poor man’s method of finding a deep, dark hole and delving into it. But that was only half the battle. The fallen jedi would still have to confront the Dark Side in person…

(Completed in two sessions)



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