Rebel Scum

Adventure XVI

Rogue Squadron: Operation Datch

Wes Janson has the runs, so it’s up to the Rebel Scum to fill in for him on a Rogue Squadron mission. Using the TIE that they procured for the Alliance, Derek Hobbie Klivian is set to infiltrate a detention facility orbiting Gand where are couple Rebel operatives from Nar Shaddaa are being held temporarily. (It turns out that the datafile the Rebel Scum delivered to an Imperial agent while they were working for Sammo the Hutt directly led to the demise of a Rebel cell on Nar Shaddaa.) Anyway, the whole thing’s a trap. A Star Destroyer is waiting for them, and what was intended to be a quick hit and run, becomes a large scale battle. In the process the Rebel Scum’s wingman Torin Datch gets shot down and crash lands on Gand, so they head in after him.

The swirling mists of Gand make it impossible to scan for life, and so they trek it by foot, eventually finding a downed TIE pilot. They duke it out, and he almost escapes into the mist, but Lon manages to mortally punch him in the head. Bel’Ding watches in horror as Lon fakes giving the man first aid, letting the poor bastard die.

Immediately after they’re accosted by a couple of Gand Findsmen who mention that another Rebel was captured earlier. It turns out that today is the Big Gandy Free-For-All, a yearly event that christens a lucky Gand a findsman, and the main prize is Torin Datch. The High Councilman foresaw his crash landing, and the winner gets to personally deliver the prisoner to the Empire. With Peter disguised as a TIE pilot, and Bel’Ding and Lon as Gands, they approach the High Councilman telling him that Torin Datch should be delivered to Peter after the tournament.

However, after the tournament is over the High Councilman insists that the winner and his family accompany the Imperial and prisoner, as is customary. So off they go back to the Rebel’s ship with Vikter the Findsman, his parents, brother and kid sister. But a wrong turn leads them through a swamp where they encounter a K’lor’slug, and in the scuffle Lon’s hairy wolf legs are revealed. Vikter turns on the two strange Gands, but Bel’Ding whips out the Gand Findsman Manual that he stole from the two findsmen earlier, and conjures esoteric rules that prevent Findsmen from questioning the identity of other Findsmen.

At a standoff, Vikter says he just wants to become a Findsman, so Peter hacks into the TIE computer that the had used earlier and forges an order to make Vikter a legal Findsman in the eyes of the Empire.

(Completed in two sessions)



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