Rebel Scum

Adventure XVII

Descent Into The Dark

Adventure XVII Crawl

Lon Startripper descends further into the Dark Side. His fur has turned white, his eyes are sunken in, and he constantly shirks his duties on base. In an irrational rage, Lon pulverizes Morgan Darchganner for blasting The Blue Glowies while he was trying to sleep during the middle of the day. Morgan is found bloody and on the verge of death, forcing General Reeikan to give the Rebel Scum an ultimatum: cure Sgt. Startripper of whatever it is that’s afflicting him or he’ll be relieved of his duties.

Following the advice written in Obi-Wan’s journals, the party tricks Lon into delving into an ice cave, leaving him trapped in the dark to reflect on his life. And through the mysterious power of the Force, everyone takes part in Lon’s subsequent dream that night.

They “awake” on Uvena Prime, Lon’s homeworld, only to find that his village is being relocated by a company called TerraCorp. They join Lon’s ridiculous mother and crippled dad on a transport to be taken to the TerraCorp headquarters, where young Shistavanens are being auditioned for jobs. When Lon insists on finding his brother Mickey, whom he can sense is in a nearby building, TerraCorp officers with heinous Nal Hutta accents bring the Rebels to a reeducation center to watch some “orientation holovids.” Not wanting any part of this, the Rebels fight back, but not before an officer calls for backup, and that’s when they see what’s really going on. Stormtroopers are in the building.

In a mad scramble they head up a lift tube, while Lon tries to sense where his brother is. After a couple run-ins with staff and troopers, they locate Mickey on the detention level, but are met by stormtroopers. After the fight, Mickey and the Shistavanen prisoners are not satisfied with just leaving. Although Lon resists joining in the mayhem, they decide to brutally execute the surrendered guards and techs before going to the ground floor.

At the bottom more troopers are waiting for the prison breakers, and a bloody battle ensues. Only Shistavanen are left standing by the end, but as it turns out, they were being watched. A strikingly familiar man reveals himself on a balcony a floor above. He tells Lon and company that they can walk away with their lives—and their families’ lives, who are now being shipped off for execution—if they join the Empire. As they’re talking, a hooded figure appears behind the Imperial and removes his cowl. He looks exactly like Lon. In a moment of revelation, Lon just barely manages to resist the temptation and refuses the offer. And when he does so, the doppelganger grabs the Imperial and tosses him over the edge.

When Lon wakes up, he can’t remember much, but he definitely remembers the face of Lambert Christophson.



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