Garrith Gibbl'gak

Rival of Bel'ding M'ann


All Stats 2D except: Dodge 4D, Con 4D, Sneak 5D, Scholar: Music 8D


Former college roommate and musical rival of Bel’ding M’ann. Claims Bel’ding stole his girlfriend and thus ruined his life.

He is a tortured artist whose dream is to make THE GREATEST ROCK OPERA IN THE GALAXY. Upon responding to an ad on “kraytslist”, Gibbl’gak was hired by the Imperial Security Bureau to infiltrate The Blue Glowies, a popular Bith indie jizz band, joining them as their replacement rhythm omniboxist. In exchange for spying on their anti-Imperial activities and orchestrating their capture, the Empire was to fund Gibbl’gak’s opera.

Garrith Gibbl'gak

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