Tag: Rebel Cell Member


  • Tumtum Watlow

    A former claims adjuster for All-Galaxy Insurance (the company that insured the Death Star), and supporter of the Rebel Alliance, Tumtum Watlow never lived up to his heroic potential. Racking up unpaid alimony and child support debts, Tumtum turned to …

  • Jyra G'oh

    Stationed on Tatooine as the the leader of a small but vital Rebel cell, Jyra G'oh spent her days waiting at Lenny's Diner, and spent her nights sticking it to the Empire.

  • Duns'tun Che'goot

    An Ortolan who singlehandedly massacred an entire squad of stormtroopers after he was accosted for jaywalking. To escape further persecution by the Empire and the Black Sun, Che'goot underwent a face transplant at the hands of the infamous Dr. Evazan, …