Crafting and Repair

Crafting is an Advanced Skill that requires a character to have at least 5D spent in Repair skills before it can be learned. Once learned, the character chooses a number of Crafting expertise equal to their Technical Attribute. Every time the skill is advanced by 1D another expertise is chosen. Additionally, a character can attempt to Craft something outside of their expertise using half their dice (rounded up).

Crafting Expertise
Blasters Ranged/Missile Weapons
Protective Gear Melee Weapons
Information Droids
Comms/Sensors Mechanical Apparatuses
Surveillance/Security Costumes/Textiles
Grenades/Explosives Buildings/Structures
Ground/Walker Vehicles Swoop/Repulsorlift
Capital Ships Space Transports/Starfighters
Hyperdrives Artillery/Starship Weapons
Medical/Survival Gear Conveyances
Cost and Time
  • Crafting something costs 1/2 of the item’s normal purchasing price. A complex ship, device, or structure might require rare materials.
  • Crafting time depends on the quality of the roll(s), and varies considerably.
  • If a Crafting attempt is failed, there are 2 options: keep the item, but it tends to malfunction and can only be repaired with a Heroic Repair check by the Crafter; or scrap the item at cost (rendering any rare materials worthless), and another Crafting attempt can be made.
  • Crafting something complex, like a vehicle, starship, hyperdrive or structure from raw materials takes days/weeks/months, depending on how many people are helping. The Crafter can use Command for better, faster results.
  • The more complex something is, the more successes are needed to Craft it. Often this is handled by achieving a prescribed success/failure ratio such as “5 successes before 3 failures”
  • Crafting one-time use items on the fly usually requires some amount of resources or kit-bashing. But “MacGuyvering” something out of nothing is still possible with a great roll. Money is subtracted from the character’s inventory as normal.
Difficulty Examples
Easy Simple/Primitive Weapons, light armor, common clothing, glow rod, nonpowered vehicles
Moderate Vibro weapons, medium armor, breath mask, comlink, datapad, macrobinoculars, medpacs, speeder bikes, 5th degree droids, jet packs
Difficult Blasters, heavy armor, code cylinder, sensor pack, encrypted devices, 3rd & 4th degree droids, starfighters
Very Difficult exotic weapons, powered armor, walkers, 2nd degree droids, space transports
Heroic 1st degree droids, capital ships, space stations
  • Every 2D in a given Repair skill gives +1 to its related Crafting (Expertise) skill.
  • Every 2D in Crafting (Expertise) gives +1 to its related Repair skill.
  • Every 2D in Demolitions gives +1 to Crafting (Grenades/Explosives).
  • Every 2D in First Aid gives +1 when Crafting medical gear.

Jury Rigging
Jury Rigging reduces the DC of a Repair check by a whole difficulty level, and can be done in as little as 1-3 rounds. However, the repairs are only temporary and last until the end of the scene or encounter. After that, the item or device degrades another step and full repairs must take place.

Just about any facet of a piece of technology that falls under a Repair skill can be modified to perform better. The thing in question can only be improved one level at a time.

Increase Difficulty Cost
+1 Easy %15
+2 Moderate %20
+1D Difficult %30
+1D+1 Very Difficult %40
+1D+2 Heroic %50

Crafting and Repair

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