Rebel Alliance Ranks and Benefits

A Rebel’s progression through the ranks is a combination of having the right skills, length of service, mission record, and, of course, sleeping with the right people (Mon Mothma). The skill requirements are listed next to the rank title.

A character of a certain rank possesses the top two abilities listed, but must choose which of those two abilities to “ingrain” and keep forever when being promoted to the next rank. The bottom two abilities are rank specializations. A character can choose and ingrain one of these bottom abilities in their current rank or a lesser rank instead of being promoted to the next rank.

Trooper – 3D Willpower, 3D Blaster

  • Resourceful: Once per combat, take 2 actions without penalty.
  • Rebel Training: Once per adventure, roll Willpower (DC 10) to add an extra die without using a Character Point.
    • Crack Shot – Once per combat, after rolling a 6 on the wild die, you crit on a 4, 5 or 6 on the follow up die. Whenever you get a critical hit, make a DC 15 Stamina check: you can take an extra action.
    • Endurance – Stamina, Running, Climbing are +1D and Strength rolls to resist damage are +1.

Sergeant – 4D Willpower, 3D Tactics

  • Find Cover: Once per combat, roll Tactics to find cover (quality based on roll).
  • Resilient: Once per combat, roll Willpower (DC 10) to ignore the effects of injury for 2 rounds.
    • Opportunist – Any time a target enemy doesn’t Dodge in the round and you hit that enemy, you deal +1D
    • Cover Fire – Once per adventure, for 1D rounds, each time an enemy attacks target ally, you may make a free attack at -1D against that enemy.

Lieutenant – 4D Starfighter Piloting or Technical skill, 3D Command

  • Order: Once per combat, roll Command (DC 10) to give an ally a free extra action.
  • Specialist: Permanently increase Starfighter Piloting or a Technical skill by 1D.
    • Wingman – Once per combat, take a hit for a nearby ally on ground or in space, before damage is rolled.
    • Rebel Operative – Twice per adventure, make a check at +2D in a skill that you haven’t trained.

Captain – 4D Command, 4D Tactics, 3D Bureaucracy

  • Regroup: Once per adventure, roll Tactics (DC 13) to reroll any roll.
  • Micromanage: Once per adventure, roll Bureaucracy (DC 13) to have an ally reroll any roll.
    • Cooridinate- Once per adventure, allies get +1 to all actions for the rest of the encounter.
    • Demand Surrender – Once per combat, make an Intimidate check (DC 15) to cause a Wounded enemy to surrender. Named enemies and stormtroopers can resist with an opposed check.

Major – 5D Command, 5D Tactics, 4D Bureaucracy

  • Connections: Once per adventure, roll Bureaucracy to acquire a sum of money from the Alliance (only during a mission for the Alliance) or pull a favor from a Rebel contact.
  • Relentless: Once per adventure, roll Willpower (DC 15) to move up one step on the Injury scale (except Death).
    • Recruiter – You attract a loyal Rebel who now adventures with you.
    • Rally – Once per adventure roll Command (DC 20) to improve all allies by one level on the Injury scale.

Commander – 6D Command, 6D Tactics, 6D Starfighter Piloting or Technical skill, 6D Bureaucracy

  • Reinforcements: Once per adventure (only during a mission for the Alliance), call in 1D Rebel troopers or a single starfighter for assistance.
  • Command: Twice per adventure, add extra D to an ally’s skill check based on Command roll.
    • Frontliner: Once per adventure, use an ally’s skill value for the rest of the encounter.
    • Inspire: Once per adventure, give an ally your Force Point to be used immediately in the round. DC 35 – give them a free Force Point

General – 8D Command, 8D Tactics, 7D Bureaucracy

  • Tactical Genius: Once per combat, the party takes another turn. And once per combat, you may make an opposed Command check to control the actions of one or more lackeys for a turn.
  • Always Prepared: Once per adventure, for an entire encounter, your Wild Dies are critical on a 5 and 6 and 1’s don’t negate your other roll.
    • Famous – Reroll any Bureaucracy, Persuasion, Command, Bargain, or Value check.
    • Sweet Moustache – Enemies are -1 to all actions against you and your allies.

Admiral – 12D Command, 10D Tactics, 10D Bureaucracy

  • You win Star Wars.

Combined Actions: Roll Command to lead a group of people and improve a single group roll. The number before your Command D equals how many people can be commanded. In combat, the bonus dice can be split between attack and damage.

Group Size
3 people = +1d
5 = +2d
7 = +3d
10 = +4d

Rebel Alliance Ranks and Benefits

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