Rebel Scum Field Guide

Oustanding Threads

  • Black Sun/ISB is searching for Gonn’s whereabouts
  • Secret info still must be retrieved from the Black Sun datacore
  • Vorl wants to find his deadmaster’s rival Olmo
  • Peter Vandervoodle (Crit Scholer) is under ISB scrutiny
  • Garrith Gibbl’gak wants help producing his rock opera
  • 40-Lom is MIA
  • The party delivered a secret datafile to an Imperial on Nar Shaddaa
  • Lon might be possessed by the ancient Sith Lord Neth
  • Obi-Wan’s madman journal scrawlings mention a type of dark chamber in Jedi Temples used for intense meditation, a way to confront the inner dark side. Others have been known to delve into literal holes.
  • Lon must confront Lambert Christophson to rid himself of the Dark Side

Loose Ends

  • Garrith Gibbl’gak escaped Hoth in an X-Wing
  • Jabba has the Blue Glowies demo tape
  • The party framed Critch Critchelson for hacking Black Sun funds

Rebel Scum Field Guide

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