Starship Maneuvers

Dogfight Maneuvers
These are made with opposed rolls against an enemy ship, and can be used once a round, along with other actions. They count as an action for the person initiating them.

“Defender” is the ship being pursued from behind. Defender maneuvers can be used reactively instead of Dodging a regular attack.

Break – Cause attacker to overshoot and lose position as the defending ship breaks hard to the side.
Modifier: Defender -5
Success: Defender loses attacker and gets +5 Dodge for this and next round.

Loop – Sharp climb and backwards loop, reorienting the ship behind enemy attacker.
Modifier: Defender -5
Success: Defender becomes attacker. Can only shoot once at -5 next attack. Can only be used once per enemy.

Jinking – Random turns, slips, and dives that interrupts a Target Lock.
Modifier: Defender -5
Success: Defender can make a free Dodge at +1D this round, and can’t be Target Locked for this and next round.

Trap – (Requires two ships) One defender breaks and leads the attacker into an ally’s sights.
Modifier: Defender -5
Success: Second defender attack is +10

Tallon Roll – Roll the ship to keep advantage after defender breaks, jinks, or loops. Usable only if you act right after the enemy’s maneuver whether that’s in the same or following round.
Modifier: Attacker -5
Success: Attacker keeps up with defender, and makes a free attack.

Intercept – Attacker moves into position behind a close, incoming ship.
Modifier: Attacker -5
Success: Attacker moves behind defender, but defender makes an attack.

Target Lock – Attacker lines up defender in sights in front firing arc. Does not count as an action if you make a DC 20 Sensors check.
Modifier: Attacker -5
Success: Attacker can only make one attack this round, but at +1D damage.

Under Split – (Requires two ships) As enemy ships close in head on, lead attacker acts as a decoy and takes all enemy fire, as the second attacker crosses under and behind to pull up for a shot.
Modifier: Second Attacker -5
Success: Second attacker’s attack +5 and +1D damage

For every 1D in Piloting or Gunnery (whichever is highest) you get to choose an ability from Advanced Maneuvers, Gunnery, and Engineering to add to your repertoire. You can use them once an adventure. You must roll a DC 10 to activate them, unless they say otherwise. Only Attack Patterns count as actions to activate, and they last until deactivated.

Advanced Maneuvers
Ackbar Slash – When an attack misses you, redirect it to a nearby (within short range) opponent, who can also Dodge. Difficult Piloting roll: The opponent can’t Dodge.

Afterburn – You can make an All-Out movement as a free action and gain +3D Maneuver on all Pilot Checks for the round.

Angle Deflector Shields [attack pattern] – Your shields are considered doubled against a single target, and halved against other opponents.

Attack Formation Zeta Nine [attack pattern] – You get -1D to your damage and +1D to your Shields

Attack Pattern Delta [attack pattern] – You get +1D Maneuverability when close to an allied ship.

Corellian Slip – Make a full move through an opponent and risk collision by adding +2D to attack and damage

Darklighter Spin – Attack multiple targets with one less penalty. Difficult roll: two less penalty.

Howlrunner Formation [attack pattern]- You get +1D to attack when close to an allied ship.

I Can’t Shake Him – You get +3D to Piloting when executing Dogfight Maneuvers for the round.

Sullustan Swoop – Instantly gain favorable position behind an enemy ship. Easy: within short-range. Moderate: within medium range. Difficult: within long range.

Overwhelming Assault [attack pattern]- Against a single target in combat, you get -1D to your attack and +1D to damage.

Skywalker Loop – If an enemy starfighter failed an opposed Dogfight Maneuver, you may make an attack.

Snap Roll – Reroll a Starship Dodge.

Strike Formation [attack pattern]- You get +1D to damage and -1D to Maneuverability.

Devastating Hit – Exceed Defense by 0-3, receive +1D damage. Exceed Defense by 4-9, receive +2D damage. Exceed Defense by 10 or more, receive +3D damage

Engine Hit – Increase a hit one Damage grade higher on the Damage Chart, except Destroyed.

Explosive Shot – Destroyed ship explodes violently harming nearby (within short range) ships. Exceed Defense by 0-3: Ship takes 4D; Exceed Defense by 4-9: Ship takes 5D; Exceed Defense by 10+: Ship takes 6D

Shield Hit – Bypass shields and hit the Hull directly.

Thruster Hit – Exceed Defense by 0-3: Ship is -1D Piloting, -1 Speed; Exceed Defense by 4-9: Ship is -2D Piloting, -2 Speed; Exceed Defense by 10+: Ship is -3D to Piloting, -3 Speed, -1D Gunnery.

Target Sense – (Force-Sensitive) You can use your Sense dice as a bonus to one attack roll for 3 rounds.

Jury Rig – Essentially a medpac in space. Roll the appropriate Repair skill to fix the ship.

Reroute Power – Roll Repair to negate the penalties of damage effects.

Recharge Shields – Roll Shields to regenerate the ship’s shields.

Jam Sensors – Easy, Moderate, Difficult Sensor roll: Make 1, 2, or 3 opponents auto-lose Initiative for 1D rounds.

Jam Communications – Random enemy mishaps (attacking wrong targets, collisions, penalties to maneuvers). Usable only against allied enemy ships.

Sensor Decoy – Project a holo signal identical to your ship for 1D rounds. Opponent must make an opposed Sensor check or attack the decoy.

Hear Me, Baby, Hold Together – Reroll a random effect on the Damage Chart. Usable twice.

Starship Maneuvers

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