The Force

Training in the Force

Every time you increase a skill by 1D you receive a Force power, usually at the GM’s discretion.

Force Powers
The following Force powers have been consolidated for ease of play. For the most part, they work just as they do in the book, but now they’re treated as parts of more inclusive powers.

Control Pain = Control Pain + Control Another’s Pain
Force Heal = Reduce Injury + Transer Force
Use a Force Point to bring yourself or another to Wounded instead of anything worse.
Accelerate Healing = Accelerate Healing + Accelerate Another’s Healing
When resting, heal yourself or another two steps on the Damage Chart instead of the normal one.
Control Disease and Poison = Control Disease + Detoxify Poison
Resist Stun and Fatigue = Resist Stun + Remove Fatigue
Remain Concious = Remain Conscious + Return Another To Consciousness


Added to or subtracted from the DC

Family: -5
Friends: +0
Acquaintances: +2
Just Met: +5
Hostile Enemy: +10

Touching: -2
Sight: +0
No Sight, within 100m: +5
101m – 1000km: +10
Other Side of Planet: +15
Across Galaxy: +20 – +30

Force Points

If you use a Force Point during an adventure, it refills at the end, unless you committed an evil act with it. If you do a completely heroic, selfless act in a climactic moment, you immediately get a Force Point, in addition to one at the end of the adventure.

While Force Points double the dice for a check, any player can Call Upon the Dark Side of the Force to double their final result—not the dice. This must be declared before the roll and the character gets a Dark Side Point unless they make a DC 15 Willpower check, which increases by 1 every subsequent time they Call Upon the Dark Side.

Dark Side Points

Whenever a character receives a Dark Side Point, they roll half their Knowledge + Perception (rounded down). If the total is equal to or less than the number of Dark Side Points they have accrued, the character has turned to the Dark Side.

When a non-Force-Sensitive character turns to the Dark Side, this just means they become a big jerk. You lose -1D to a Dexterity, Perception, Strength skill that is 5D or more for each Dark Side Point you have.

Characters with Dark Side Points will sometimes be tempted to do questionable or evil things. In these situations, they must make a DC 10 Willpower check +2 for each Dark Side Point to resist committing the act (which, in itself, will sometimes result in receiving a Dark Side Point).

Force Users with Dark Side Points receive +1 to all Alter checks for each Dark Side Point.


Atoning for Dark Side Points is not an easy task. It requires a character to actually try and make amends for whatever they did, which may not always be possible. This could be grounds for an entire adventure or more. Finally a Force Point must be used, and it’s not refilled at the end of the adventure.

The Force

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