Bel'Ding M'ann

Bith Scoundrel


Name: Bel’Ding M’ann
Type: Scoundrel
Gender/Species: Male/Bith
Age: 46
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kg
Description: Skinny dude with some serious dark circles under his eyes who always looks like he could use a cigarette.

Dexterity: 3d

  • Grenades: 3d+2
  • Parry: 5d+1
  • Melee Weapons: 5d
  • Blaster: 7d
  • Dodge: 7d
  • Pick Pocket: 5d
  • Running: 4d+2
    Knowledge: 3d+1
  • Languages: 5D
  • Alien Species: 6d+1
  • Bureaucracy: 10d
  • Tactics: 10d
  • Willpower: 7d+1
  • Cultures: 4d+1
  • Beast Riding: 4d+1
  • Business: 4d+1
  • Value: 4d+1
  • Streetwise: 7d6
  • Planetary Systems 5d+1
  • Intimidate: 3d+2
  • Survival: 3d+1 (+1d survival gear)
    Mechanical: 4d
  • Starfighter Piloting: 7d
  • Starship Gunnery: 6d
  • Perform Omnibox: 5d+2 (specialized)
  • Repulsorlift Operation: 5d
  • Sensors: 6d
  • Shields: 5d
    Perception: 5d
  • Command 12d
  • Persuade: 7d
  • Sabaac (specialized): 6d
  • Con: 7d
  • Sneak: 7d+1 (+1d from camouflage)
  • Hide: 7d
    Strength: 2d
    Technical: 2d
  • Computer Programming/Repair: 4d
  • First Aid: 4d+2
  • Demolitions: 3d
  • Security: 4d+1

Advantages: 4/4
Natural Leader: (3) +1D Tactics, Command, Bureaucracy
Actor: +1 to Con, Bureaucracy, and +1D to Performance.
Unassuming: (2) +1D Hide and Sneak.

Disadvantages: 4/4
Weak (1) -2 to Strength skills
Racist (1) Hatred/distrust for a common race in the rulebook. -1D to all social/combat interactions with race. (BITH)
Pride (1) Moderate Willpower check to back down from any challenge. -1D Willpower
Addiction 3: Smoking, Alcohol, Spice. costs 50(x) credits/day, +x to all skills. -xD without substance for a day (travel times counted). Cannot be taken with Inheritance.

Character Points: (5)
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Point: 0

Equipment: comlink, gyro-grappler 4d+1, 10-150, 4x Blaster Pistol 4d, 3-10/30/120, Blaster Rifle 5d+1, 3-30/100/300, Vibro Blade(DC 15, Strength+3d), Thermal det, frag grenade, Energy Scanner
Heavy Blaster Pistol, Scoped Blaster Rifle, 3 Extra Blaster Rifles, Poison Dart Blaster (Make stamina check each round for 3 rounds or die, dc5/10/12), Datapad, Vertigo Line-Thrower, Biodegradable binders, Cloak, Aviator Goggles, imperial data pad, 7 medpacks, Gloves 1 piloting, Goggles +1 gunnery, Sullustan hat +1 sensors/communications, Red Wookiee Robe (1 to Command and Bureaucracy), gas mask, camouflage (1d sneak), survival gear (1d survival), handheld video recorder
5555 credits
Book of Gand – +1d knowledge about Gand
Rodian Armor – +1d to all damage resistance
Pocket scrambler -
An Easy communications roll is required
for normal use. Without a similar
device and the appropriate
code, a Very Difficult to Heroic
communications roll is necessary
to decrypt message.

Admiral – 12D Command, 10D Tactics, 10D Bureaucracy

You Win Star Wars.

Tactical Genius: Once per combat, the party takes another turn. And once per combat, you may make an opposed Command check to control the actions of one or more lackeys for a turn.

Command: Twice per adventure, add extra D to an ally’s skill check based on Command roll.
Inspire: Once per adventure, give an ally your Force Point to be used immediately in the round. DC 35 – give them a free Force Point

Relentless: Once per adventure, roll Willpower (DC 15) to move up one step on the Injury scale.

Micromanage: Once per adventure, roll Bureaucracy (DC 13) to have an ally reroll any roll.

Order: Once per combat, roll Command (DC 10) to give an ally a free extra action.

Find Cover: Once per combat, roll Tactics to find cover (quality based on roll).

Rebel Training: Once per adventure, roll Willpower (DC 10) to add an extra die without using a Character Point.

Advanced Maneuvers:
Attack Pattern Delta [attack pattern] – You get +1D Maneuverability when close to an allied ship.
Corellian Slip – Make a full move through an opponent and risk collision by adding +2D to attack and damage
Snap Roll – Reroll a Starship Dodge.
Devastating Hit – Exceed Defense by 0-3, receive +1D damage. Exceed Defense by 4-9, receive +2D damage. Exceed Defense by 10 or more, receive +3D damage
Recharge Shields – Roll Shields to regenerate the ship’s shields.


Bel’Ding is sick and tired of everyone assuming that he is a musician just because he is a Bith! It’s simply not true. That is a gross generalization and, frankly, racist. Do all Rodians have weird green dicks??? It just so happens that he DOES play the omnibox…and that he was a celebrated virtuoso on Clak’dor VII (where he attended the Academy of the Arts [where they have three different majors in Omnibox: Omnibox performance, Omnibox studies, and Omnibox appreciation]). He got sick of everyone assuming he was just another Bith musician…not to mention that the Bith music industry is not what it used to be. He just couldn’t stand the thought of being in some shitty cantina band, playing the same song OVER and OVER. So he left it all behind. He sold his Omnibox for a one way ticket out of the Clak’dor system. He drifted around for a while, stealing and scamming his way across the outer rim until he met up with the Alliance. They wanted to end the racist fascism that the Empire was trying to spread across the galaxy. This struck a chord, so he joined up.

Also has a Wookiee life debt from Roree.

Ten years later…
“You need a stamp…”
“You need a stamp on your passport to enter the planet…”
“Who says?”
“By order of the New Republic…”
“But I have my Kashyyk driver’s license!”
“That’s not sufficient, sir…Next!”

This is a typical conversation for General M’ann at his new post: Nar Shaddaa border guard. This is the “field work” Bel’Ding has been doing for the past 3 years. After several years of working closely with Admiral Ackbar, Bel’Ding watched as the Admiral’s power was slowly stripped away in a bureaucratic chess match with Mothma and her pawn, Derlin. Ultimately, with Ackbar relegated to advisor, Bel’Ding was sent to the outer rim…Admiral Derlin himself insisted that only General M’ann was suited for such a crucial post, keeping Nar Shaddaa’s border security in tip-top shape.
He still dreams of returning to the Republic and getting into the thick of filling out paperwork, micromanaging underlings, and flexing his tactical muscles. It would certainly beat chain-smoking and lecturing Sullustans about border protocol all day… Despite his nearly crippling spice addiction, Bel’Ding won’t rest until he is promoted to Admiral, and sees Bren Derlin demoted and thoroughly humiliated.
The news of Roree’s death hits him hard, but he can’t help feel some excitement about getting aboard Home One again…

Bel'Ding M'ann

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