Lon Startripper

Shistavanen Unofficial Jedi Knight


Character Name Londonovan “Lon” Startripper
Gender/Species Shistavanen
Age 36 Height 2m Weight 170

CP 113
FP 1
DSP 3.5

Star of the reality series: VH1’s Behind the Lipstick
Suffered a crippling leg injury


  • Athletic (2): +2 to STR skills
  • Ripped (2): +1 to brawling and melee combat skills; +1D to lifting
  • Lucky (2): Reroll a 1 on the wild die one time per adventure


  • Imperial Record (2): Wanted for the attempted sexual assault and flashing of Grand Moff Tarkin’s niece.
  • Boorish (2): -1D Business, Bargain, Cultures, Persuasion
  • Unattractive (2): -1D to Con, Persuasion

Physical Description

  • Dexterity 4D+2
    • Brawling Parry 5D+2 (6D+2-1D armor)
    • Dodge 6D (7D+2-2 leg, -1D armor)
    • Blasters 5D+2 (6D+2-1D armor)
    • Lighstaber 7D+2 (8D+2-1D armor)(Base difficulty to hit: 20)
  • Perception 3D
    • Search 4D
    • Sneak 6D-2
    • Command 5D
    • Persuade 4D (-1D Boorish)
  • Knowledge 2D
    • Willpower 4D+1
    • Intimidation 4D (On Tatooine: +1D for being a member of the Black Sun)
    • Survival 4D
    • Business 2D
    • Tactics 5D
    • Value 3D
    • Streetwise 3D+1
    • Language: Wookie 5D
    • Bureaucracy 5D
  • Strength 4D (+1 damage)
    • Brawling 7D(incl. +2)
    • Brawling (TK) 4D+2-2
  • Mechanical 1D
    • Starship Gunnery 7D+1 (+1 from goggles)
      • Target Sense
      • Devastating Hit
      • Thruster Hit
    • Starfighter Piloting 6D
      • Attack Pattern Delta
      • Snap Roll
    • Ground Vehicle Operation 5D
  • Technical 2D
    • First Aid 4D+2
    • Lightsaber Repair 4D+2
    • Starfighter Repair 3D
  • Force Powers
    • Sense 7D
      • Beast Languages
      • Receptive Telepathy
      • Projective Telepathy
      • Life Detection
      • Combat Sense
    • Alter 7D
      • Telekinesis
      • Injure/Kill
      • Inflict Pain
    • Control 7D
      • Force Warrior
      • Force Heal
      • Control Disease and Poison
      • Control Pain
      • Remain Conscious
    • Control + Alter
      • Enhance Another’s Attribute
    • Control + Sense
      • Farseeing
    • Control + Sense + Alter
      • Affect Mind

Lightsaber Combat

5D: Lightsaber Combat
6D: Blaster Parry: Parry and redirect a blaster bolt in 2 actions. First action use Lightsaber skill to parry the bolt. Second action use Control to redirect the bolt to their dick.
7D: Lightsaber Throw: Make a DC 20 Telekinesis check + attack roll
8D: Lightsaber Stances?

Time Taken: One round.
Lightsaber is the “melee combat” skill used for the
lightsaber, the weapon of the famed Jedi Knights.
While a very powerful weapon, a lightsaber is dangerous
to an unskilled user — if an attacking character
misses the attack difficulty number by 10 or more
points, then the character has injured himself with the
weapon and rolls damage against his own Strength.
Lightsaber can also be used as a “reaction skill” to
parry brawling, lightsaber and melee combat attacks.
Jedi Knights can parry blaster bolts with a lightsaber,
but that’s only because they have the lightsaber combat
Force power; it’s very, very difficult for a character
without the power to parry blaster shots.

Lightsaber Combat:

  • DC 15 Sense to activate. Counts as an action on the round the power’s activated.
  • Add half of Control dice to damage.
  • Add half of Sense dice to attack and parry.
  • Each action penalty subtracts -1D from both bonus dice.
  • If wounded, Lightsaber Combat is deactivated and can be reactivated at a DC +5.
  • General rule: a character can make move actions in a round by either closing a long distance, or moving two short distances.
  • Roll Lightsaber skill to parry a blaster bolt (roll multiple times for multiple bolts). Redirect using Control against the enemy’s Dodge.
  • Base difficulty to hit is 20. If the wielder critically misses, or misses by 10 or more, then he attacks himself.

TR: (Resourceful) Willpower(DC10) to add 1D w/o using CP
TR: (Crack Shot) Once per combat, after rolling a 6 on the wild die, you crit on a 4, 5 or 6 on the follow-up die. Whenever you get a critical hit, make a DC 15 stamina check: you can take an extra action.
SGT: (Resilient) Willpower(DC10) ignore injury for 2rds
LT: (Order) Once per combat, roll Command (DC 10) to give an ally a free action.
LT: Sub Ability (Rebel Operative) Twice per adventure, make a check at +2D in a skill that you haven’t trained.
LT: Sub Ability (Wingman) Once per combat, take a hit for a nearby ally on ground or in space, before damage is rolled.
CPT: (Regroup) Once per adventure, roll Tactics (DC 13) to reroll any roll.
CPT: (Micromanage) Once per adventure, roll Bureaucracy (DC 13) to have an ally reroll any roll.

68 creds
50 Comlink
100 Datapad
1200 Medkit (GFT-PG 83)
Cloak and shit.
Blaster Pistol
Heavy Blaster Pistol
Blaster Rifle
Blaster Carbine (5D+2)
Nerf Jerky
Comlink Headset
Dil’dak’s Bone (Inert)
Holocron (Light) x2
Jedi Armor — 2D physical resistance; 1D energy resistance; -1D1 Dexterity
Lightsaber (Whitish-Blue) x1
Sullustan Goggles (+1 gunnery)


Roree bouncer
Gip pyrotechnics
Jyra invitations
Karla sandwiches for the band
Gleep laser light show
Morgan as sound engineer
Dun’stun does ground reconaissance
Nato K’ek does tech reconaissance
Vorl on support
Humpalo Pie – got hoibs
Succeeded at cups and plates and shit


Born to Cleefa and Markoon Startripper of the Wananamokta Startrippers, Londonovan was an unrelenting brute as a child. Of all the Shistavanen cublings in his pack, he ran alone, savaging the livestock and growing stronger with each passing day. But this was the way of the Shistavanen – the brutality became them as they stalked the village’s quarry from the shadows, striking with cunning and efficiency, rending with clacking claws and gnashing teeth. These were the days of his childhood. His halcyon days.

And yet, somehow this all changed. When hunting in a lone wolf pack of one, Londonovan, or Lon as his cohorts had come to call him, came across a sight unseen before – a smoking crater more than 150m across by his reckoning, and at the center of it, a solitary metal sphere. Approaching with a mixture of caution and curiosity, Lon peered into the viewport, expecting to see it stained red with blood from the impact. But lo, he saw a man – a human – peering back at him from the window.

The man was unharmed, yes, but not unshaken. Lon’s first instinct was to rip his arms from his sockets and beat him to death with them, for fear he would betray the location of his clan’s enclave, but there was something about the way the man spoke – the way the words flowed directly into Lon’s mind – that stopped him.

He was a force warrior, one who had tasted the same bloodlust from which Lon now suffered, and he vowed to teach Lon to mitigate and subdue his rage, to channel it and focus it into a manner of fighting that befit someone like Lon; someone sensitive to the force.

Lambert Christophson was what the force warrior called himself. He spent many moons teaching Lon the way of a force warrior. What words and actions would not teach, the mind found itself an open receptacle.

Lon grew increasingly distant from his clan. Inadvertently, Lambert had begun to civilize him in an effort to quash the inner rage that flowed beneath his hairy exterior. It continued to such a point where Lon felt that he could no longer return home to his family. The waylaid traveler gave him a choice to return with him, to find their way to the distant starport on the other side of the planet, and travel the stars with him to see sights unseen, hear words unheard, and feel the vast emptiness of space as it surrounded him. Lon could not refuse, after all, this was no longer his home. He yearned for a purpose. And Lambert promised he would find it with a group of people he called “the Alliance.”

Bannick Sundoo — former royal guard who defected; wanted by the empire, but has also been seen meeting with various imperials. Sent to pacify/massacre a planet in the Kathell Sector after which he defected.

Currently addicted to Glitterstim spice

Outdated Abilities:

Teras Kasi Powers
Double Strike
Bantha Kick – Easy: Strength + 1D

Force Warrior Combat

  • Activate during combat with a DC 12 Sense roll. If injured, the power deactivates.
  • Keeping up the power counts as an action every round (-1D). Must declare how many actions for the round including Parry if it’s to be augmented.
  • Determine dice pool [Sense + Control / 2 (Rounded down, no pips) – Multiple Action Penalty]
  • Split the dice pool between Attack and Damage each round (amounts can differ by no more than 3D).
  • May Parry and also redirect opponents’ Brawling or Melee attacks using the dice pool.
    • If Attack dice + Parry roll = opposed attack roll, the attack is parried.
    • If Damage dice + Strength roll = opponent’s Parry roll, deal opponent’s damage to them.

A Force Warrior cannot activate the power while wearing any Brawling weapons, and is forbidden from using lightsabers whatsoever. The dice pool can never be more than 8D.

Lon Startripper

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