Tag: Tech


  • Morgan Darchganner

    A well-meaning douche that shares a room with [[:beldingmann | Bel'Ding]] and [[:lonstartripper | Lon]] on Echo Base. Loves [[:blueglowies | The Blue Glowies]] and Pazak.

  • Peter Vandervoodle

    Pete Vandervoodle has flown from once side of the galaxy to the other, and the only thing he knows is that _everybody_ needs a plumber once in a while. Pete cut his teeth in deep space search and rescue, boarding half-scuttled freighters and getting …

  • Nato K'ek

    A native of the Dune Sea, Nato's family was brutally murdered by Stormtroopers while he was off gambling in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Two years later, a Super Star Destroyer came into Tatoonine's orbit and began to launch strange droids onto the planet' …